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 Precious is a celebrated life and business coach, author, speaker, philanthropist and risk taker who made a conscious decision to abandon all excuses and distractions in order to pursue her birth purpose of inspiring, empowering and developing leaders to grow to their highest level personally and professionally.

Precious is a Tedx speaker that teaches how to get UnStuck by UnBecoming. During her Tedx talk she journeyed through her life story from a place of vulnerability, authenticity and ownership. Precious insists that a person must embrace entire story of life and not just the experience where hurt resonated or happiness was bound in order to ignite their own healing process and live in the abundance of forgiveness, love, life and opportunity. 

Her success as an author, business owner, personal development coach and speaker has allowed her to engage a unique following with a reach that spans 5,000 followers on multiple platforms. Her coaching practice and virtual community “Surrender, Work, Live Coaching and Accountability”, allows Precious to continue growing and empowering leaders to manifest their dreams, kill their excuses and serve in their true purpose, their authentic self with clarity in the highest capacity possible.